HRB TMRN Mockups


We are pleased to announce the successful launch of the new website for HRB TMRN (Health Research Board – Trials Methodology Research Network). Our team at Rob&Paul has worked diligently to deliver a comprehensive branding and web solution that enhances the network’s online presence and supports its mission.

Project Highlights:

  • Branding: Developed a cohesive and professional brand identity that reflects the mission and values of HRB TMRN.
  • Website Design: Created an intuitive and visually appealing website design that effectively communicates the network’s goals and resources.
  • Website Development: Implemented advanced development techniques to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience across all devices.
  • Content Focus: Designed to highlight HRB TMRN’s mission to improve the efficiency, inclusivity, and usability of trials, as well as promote best practices in trial planning, design, conduct, and reporting.

By collaborating with HRB TMRN, we are contributing to the advancement of clinical trial research. Our work supports their vital mission to enhance the quality and impact of clinical trials, ultimately informing better policy and clinical practice decisions both in Ireland and globally.

Launched: 2022